Walking Manhattan - New York City
Leave the planning to us!
Let's take a WALK!

I love to walk.

I can't think of a more entertaining place to do it than  Manhattan, New York City, NY

Answer this:  If I did a sun-up to sun-down , ...and beyond, stroll of Manhattan, what are the best streets to walk?

If I spent more than 12 hours walking, with miles and miles to choose from,
         where would I go?

Do you know what streets are a
     "MUST WALK"   on this tour?

Add your pick, and tell me what we'd see.

Not just tourist sites, I want to see how a real New Yorker lives.  Ethnic areas, special buildings, unique streets, historical sites,

 best shopping, hot spots, etc.

I want "you gotta see this!"

Oh yea,
...& what streets to avoid.               

I will post your suggestion - and name if you want - until we have a complete list, street by street.

Let's begin:
email your suggestion to

I'm sure every street has a story. Do you know of one. Who lived here? What happened there?    

Historical points. Trivia.
What street do you know something about, 
    or have heard something about?
Together, let's  make a Walking tour of Manhattan, New York
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